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Why Own an LA Bakery Franchise?

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LA Bakery does a few things better than any other bakery/café franchise. We offer the highest-quality baked goods, create innovative recipes, have a love for hospitality and customer service, and create a comfortable and inviting space for customers.
We prioritize the use of premium, real ingredients. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality and most flavorful dishes, ensuring a wholesome dining experience.
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We believe in the power of nature’s bounty. Our menu is crafted around fresh, natural ingredients, allowing you to savor the authentic flavors and goodness of whole foods including delicious gluten free and vegan options. Indulge in delicious meals that leave you feeling energized and satisfied.

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We are committed to transparency and conscious choices. We believe in providing our customers with full knowledge of what they consume. That’s why we prioritize real, traceable ingredients, ensuring you can make informed decisions about your dining experience.
Our culinary philosophy centers around wholesome cooking techniques that preserve the nutritional integrity of our ingredients. Every meal is prepared with care, allowing you to enjoy the deliciousness and health benefits of real food.

We Are Offering Two Models

Our Standard Bakery Cafe Model


Our Express Bakery Cafe Model

Excellent Financials

We saw average gross sales of $********* last year with an average net profit + Owner Operator Salary of $********

Unique, Elevated Franchise Concept

This isn’t a common Bakery and Café franchise. LA BAKERY creations are truly unique, gourmet, locally sourced, and fresh.

A Better Balance​

Based on a finely-tuned Operation Schedule you have more control over your schedule and life.
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LA Bakery Cheese Burger

Franchise Profile & Requirements

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Minimum Net Worth 1.2M with 500K in liquid assets. *Depending on the territory, higher requirements may be necessary.
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Franchise Fee $65000
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Initial Investment Including Franchise Fee $1.08M to 2.38M Depending on which model you choose, and the Real Estate Costs and other Location Economics of the region.
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Passionate, Flexible, Open-minded, Dedicated​
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Experience in food service, business and marketing is an added benefit
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Commitment to Excellence
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Single and Multi-Unit Operators
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Ability to inspire action


Franchise Fee $65,000
Initial Investment Including Franchise Fee* $879,500-$1,737,500
Liquidity requirement $500,000
The total investment range is $879,500 to $1,737,500 (which includes working capital). The investment varies based on factors specific to each location, such as size of space, leasehold improvement costs, lease rates, and other similar expenses. Our Franchise Disclosure Document includes a detailed outline of the estimated initial investment.

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